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Farmer & Landowner Agreements

Farmer & Landowner Agreements

Farmers & landowners who agree to join the Conservation Credit program sign a contract which, they agree to the following:

  • Be prudent stewards of their land.
  • Maintain and support the 16 components of a Nature Habitat.
  • The land under contact will not be used for:
    • Harvesting grain, hay or straw.
    • Grazing any livestock.
    • Excavating, except for putting in Puddle Ponds.
    • Growing Christmas trees.
    • Raising fish for sale.
    • Growing any wildflowers or woodland plants for sale
    • Disturbing the land for any reason except for enhancing one of the 16 components of a nature habitat.
    • Putting any chemicals into any water under contact.
    • Logging or clear cutting of woodlands & forests.  Culling a minimum number of trees for personal use will be allowed.
  • They will be compensated based on the length of the contract.  We strive for 10 year or greater terms.  All contacts will be renewable.
  • They may choose to list their property on the website.
  • They may also allow us to use the property for educational purposes.  This will include tours and seminars.
  • They agree to repay all funds if they violate any of the covenants of the contact and it is not corrected.  We keep 10% additional property in reserve to cover any properties that may go into default.  These landowners in the reserve have signed the same contract except no credits are issued on their property unless they are used to cover property that is in default.

Carbon Certificates

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    The Registry of Nature Habitats
    PO Box 321
    Meridale, NY 13806
    Copyright 1999 - All Rights Reserved

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