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Conservation Credits


Many farmers, like Dave in Sullivan County, have been dairy farming for generations. Rising costs and low milk prices are putting natural conservationists, like Dave, in a terrible bind. In order to pay the taxes on his land he may have to consider selling a swath of his forest to a logging company for timber or to a land developer for housing subdivision. Here's Dave's dilemma; selling 140 acres of forest that hasn't been logged since the 1700's, may save another three to four hundred acres of land on his farm from being sold to developers. Conservation Certificates can free Dave from this wrenching decision.

When you purchase a Conservation Certificate covering an acre of Dave's forest, he receives a direct payment which helps him offset the high cost of land tax. Now that acre is safe for one year, five years or ten years, depending on the program you select. Dave doesn't take this decision lightly. He understands that we all lose when large pieces of land are sacrificed to logging or housing subdivision. Learn more about how you can get involved in local forest conservation through the Registry of Nature Habitat's Conservation Certificate program.

How Conservation Credits Are Used

When you purchase a Meadow Planting Credit, you are investing into your and your children's future. The money is used to assist farmers and landowners to plan, restore and impliment a Meadow Planting project. The benefits are numerous and the return on investment is priceless.

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