WindStar Wildlife Institute
How To Attract Wildlife
To Your Property
There seems to be among many of us a
psychic need to connect with nature.
Nature is humanity's one universal
common bond.
It helps ensure our sanity.
- Scott Shalaway
ildlife conservationists
have known for years that
wildlife populations are
dependent on four major
factors - food, cover, water,
and space.
If you have an acreage, a
farm, a yard, or an apartment
balcony, you can usually provide
at least two of these elements
on your property - food and
water. It then becomes
important that wildlife has
access to cover and space in
nearby areas in order to survive.
One of the secrets in creating
a successful habitat is to
provide a variation within each
of the four areas. Different
wildlife species need different
combinations of elements.
Having a variety in your
habitat means the difference
between seeing 200 or just 10
different species. Let's
examine each of the habitat
Food is one of the primary
necessities of wildlife. Every
species has its own food needs.
Often, this changes as the
species ages.
Food includes the nutritional
part of the diet, as well as
supplements such as salt. Also,
many birds require grit or gravel
for grinding up food in their
Some wildlife species eat a
variety of foods and others eat
only a few different kinds. These
include fruit and berries, grain

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