WindStar Wildlife Institute
Blazing the
Bluebird Trail
Bluebirds are one of the most spectacular birds
you can attract to your backyard.
Given the proper habitat and a willingness on
your part to lend a hand when necessary,
bluebirds will visit your bird bath,
bird house and bird feeders.
nce you have attracted your
first bluebirds to your bird
bath, nesting box or feeder,
you'll be hooked. These
absolutely gorgeous birds will
become a part of your daily life.
Plus, they really need your help.
Bluebird sightings were "few
and far between" a decade ago.
Now, thanks to thousands of
people across the country who
build and install bluebird nesting
boxes, bluebirds are making a
This is especially true for the
Eastern bluebird where housing
and business developments are
replacing much of their habitat
and natural nesting sites.
Developers are destroying the
cavities where bluebirds like to
nest and raise their young.
Dead trees are cut down for
firewood and for appearances
Wooden fence posts that were
hollowed out by woodpeckers
are being replaced with steel
And, house sparrows and
European starlings are taking
over the few remaining natural
nesting sites.
Here's where you can help
Bluebirds readily adapt to
man-made nesting cavities
(nesting boxes). But, there
needs to be a lot of them, if
bluebirds are to survive.
Putting up a nesting box in
your backyard is okay, but
what's really needed are
multiple nesting sites. That's
why the bluebird trail concept
makes sense.

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