WindStar Wildlife Institute
Landscaping for wildlife has become a focus
for people who love nature and are concerned
about the environment.
Maybe you'd like to become part of this
movement too, but you have only a small
amount of property to call your own.
f you think that it seems
unlikely that you could do
anything that would really make
a difference, nothing could be
farther from the truth. With
some careful thought and
planning, you can design a
habitat that will attract a
number of wildlife species, bring
you hours of enjoyment, and
add interest to your landscape
throughout the year.
Four Elements
All wildlife has four essential
needs: food, water, cover, and
space. Although you may not be
able to provide the amount of
space needed for large
mammals, you can certainly
offer an attractive environment
for creatures like birds,
butterflies, frogs, squirrels, and
While not as attention-
grabbing as deer, foxes, or other
large animals, these smaller
wildlife species are also
suffering from loss of habitat
and traditional food sources.
They need your help.
1/8 Acre
This brochure builds on a
landscape plan for a townhouse
with 1/8 acre of land. The
suggestions offered are just to
get you started, and to let you
see some of the possibilities.
Your own property and
personal preferences will
influence what you include in
your habitat, and you will find
many alternative plant
suggestions in catalogues and
at local nurseries.
Your main concern should be
to provide variety, because that
will make it possible for you to
attract the greatest number of
species. Wildlife make different
choices for food and shelter just
as people do, and your
landscape needs to reflect that
Landscaping 1/8
Acre For Wildlife

Landscaping 1/8 Acre:

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