WindStar Wildlife Institute
One Acre
For Wildlife
If you are lucky enough
to have an acre of
land around your
home, how do you
begin to enhance your
property for wildlife.
ince you are reading this,
you are probably concerned
about the challenges facing
wildlife today. There are many
threats to species survival,
including loss of habitat from
development, the overuse of
pesticides, and formal
landscaping that offers little in
the way of cover or food for
birds and animals.
Four Elements
Wildlife has four essential
needs: food, water, cover, and
space. Evaluate your yard and
note which needs are already
being met, and which ones you
want to add.
A simple sketch of your
property will be very helpful. In
addition to existing structures
and natural features, make a
note of your soil conditions,
amount of sunlight, how much
rainfall you usually receive, the
direction of the prevailing winds,
and what climate zone you live
Your local Cooperative
Extension Service can be very
helpful in obtaining this
information. Also take time to
think about your personal
interests. Do you want to
enhance a certain view. Take

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