WindStar Wildlife Institute
Landscaping 3 to 4
Acres For Wildlife
What a joy it is to live in a home with some
surrounding acreage - it gives you countless
choices for landscaping. Sometimes, however, so
many choices can be overwhelming and leave you
wondering where to start.
One way to narrow your focus is to decide to
enhance your landscape for wildlife.
efore you begin, think about
the four basic needs of
wildlife: food, water, cover, and
space. Study the existing
features of your land and see
what needs are already being
met, then decide what you
would like to add.
A sketch of your property will
be a big help, and so will notes
about soil conditions, average
rainfall, amount of sunlight,
wind direction, and climate
Remember that you don't
have to do everything at once.
A budget and a timetable will
help you put your plans in
perspective and prioritize your
The library, your local
Cooperative Extension office,
bookstores, nurseries, and the
WindStar Wildlife Institute can
all provide information on what
plants will do well in your area
and what wildlife you can
expect to attract.
With 3 to 4 acres, the size of
property around which our
sample landscape is designed,
you may feel that you already
have plenty of "space." This
term means something
different to wildlife than it does
to people, however.
For wild creatures, their
space has to include sufficient
food, water, cover, and safe
places to raise a family.
The required range varies
from species to species. Voles
thrive when there are as many

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