WindStar Wildlife Institute
ew people would deny that
there is pleasure in having
birds in the garden. Their
activity interests us, their
colors enchant us, and their
songs brighten the day. Add the
fact that they eat lots and lots
of insects, and in some cases
pollinate our flowers. It's no
wonder that feeding and
watching birds is a major
national pastime.
More and more, however, you
hear people sadly saying that
"there just aren't as many birds
as there used to be." In some
ways this is true: development,
pesticides, indiscriminate
cutting of forests, unchecked
predators, disruption of
migration paths - all of these
have cut down considerably on
the numbers of some bird
With greater awareness and
environmental protection, some
are making a comeback, and for
this we can be grateful.
Congratulations! By deciding to enhance your property
for wildlife, you are on the way to providing beauty for
your home, creating excitement for your family, and
affecting the future survival of wildlife in your area.
No matter what the size of your property or budget,
you CAN make a difference.
For Birds
At the same time, we can
each play a part in recreating
desirable habitat for birds, and
they will reward us by visiting
our yards in greater variety and
The tendency today when
building houses is to clear-cut
the lot, construct the house,
add a few small foundation
plantings, and then surround it
with a vast expanse of green
lawn. Grass has its place but,
with the exception of robins,
flickers, and starlings, it is of no
benefit to birds, nor to most
other wildlife for that matter.
Flower gardens are lovely and
add back some food and cover,
but not nearly enough to
sustain large populations of
When landscaping for birds,
you need to think about the
four essential needs of wildlife:
food, water, shelter, and space.


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