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Do you enjoy observing nature... hearing the song
of the chickadee... watching hummingbirds fill up
on nectar from trumpet vines... listening to the
chattering of squirrels... seeing the beauty and
grace of a monarch butterfly perched on a
milkweed.... experiencing the antics of a
Mockingbird... the cooing of the Mourning doves...
the swiftness of the Cottontail.. and the brilliance
of a Cardinal or Baltimore oriole.
f you enjoy some of the
activities mentioned above,
you'll probably want to
landscape your property for
wildlife so you can experience
even more from Mother Nature
by attracting more wildlife to
your property.
The term "wildlife" means
different things to different
people. To a livestock producer,
it may mean coyotes. To
someone who feeds birds, it may
mean Cardinals, Nuthatches,
and Hummingbirds. To a birder,
it may mean rare species. To a
gardener, it may mean
butterflies or crows.
To a wildlife biologist the
term wildlife means all living
organisms out of the direct
control of man, including
undomesticated or cultivated
plants and animals.
Dr. Thomas Barnes, Extension
Wildlife Specialist, University of
Kentucky, suggests that the
definition also include the
habitat of the species. He says
that it is impossible to
understand the ecology of a
species without having a
thorough knowledge of an
animal's diet and how this
differs during a year, plus how
the species relates to its
habitat (predators, vegetation,
soil, competitors, etc.).
Wildlife doesn't just randomly
appear in a given area. It is
there because of favorable
habitat. To attract more
wildlife, you need to apply
specific wildlife management
practices. To reach your wildlife
management goals, you must
manipulate the habitat, the
animal population, or manage
the people (landowners).
Why Landscape
For Wildlife.

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