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Creating a
Butterflies and hummingbirds will "beat a path"
to your wildflower meadow and you will
have the pleasure of experiencing a constant
changing of colors from week to week,
too beautiful to adequately describe.
f you are looking for a family
nature project that is fun
and rewarding, consider
turning part of your yard into
a wildflower meadow.
A wildflower meadow is like
an endless string of birthday
presents. Each day you will find
an unexpected blossom to
admire, or a new bird or
butterfly to watch. A meadow
will promote a feeling of calm
as well as discovery, provide
lots of flowers for cutting and
materials for nature crafts,
plus support wildlife with food
and shelter.
While several acres of
wildflowers are undoubtedly
lovely, a small "pocket meadow"
in the backyard can also bring
you months of pleasure. A
wildflower meadow should look
natural. It can provide
contrast to a green lawn or
formal flower beds.
Although you will tend it by
controlling invasive weeds, the
overall effect will not be as
groomed as a traditional
garden or lawn, so you may
want to discuss your plans
with your neighbors and get
them excited about the
concept of meadows.
You should also check on any
local regulations that would
prohibit an unmowed area. To
"dress up" your meadow and
make it look more tended,
consider adding pathways, a
fence, and maybe even a bench
or two.
Getting Started
First, you must decide where
to put your meadow. Although
there are wildflowers that

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