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Fish Stocking Credits

Fish stocking can provide many benefits such as creating new fisheries or augmenting existing ones. Fish stocking is recognised for its importance to the community in terms of conservation outcomes and subsequent economic benefits that have grown in response to the activity over many years. Fish stocking must be conducted responsibly to conserve and protect our unique biodiversity.

We will work with state agencies to stock Puddle Ponds to provide food for wildlife. Our stocking will not be for fishing!

Various bird species that use aquatic habitats have a diversity of requirements. Some, like the American White Pelican, prefer islands with little or no vegetation. Others, like the Western Grebe, prefer lakes and ponds bordered by emergent vegetation. Some birds need lakes with abundant fish resources; others rely on invertebrates or seeds. A simple set of management guidelines will not work for all species of birds using aquatic habitats. A variety of aquatic types and conditions under different or rotating management schemes may be the best strategy within an ecological region, or ecoregion, that encompasses public lands and diverse private lands, and may even cross state boundaries. Landowners and land managers can take a variety of simple and inexpensive actions to improve habitat for birds and help them nest successfully. By maintaining and restoring habitat for aquatic birds, many other wildlife species will also benefit. Some management activities that improve the health of aquatic habitats may also improve fisheries, wetlands, and watersheds.

How Fish Stocking Credits Are Used

When you purchase a Meadow Planting Credit, you are investing into your and your children's future. The money is used to assist farmers and landowners to plan, restore and impliment a Meadow Planting project. The benefits are numerous and the return on investment is priceless.

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