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Creating a Natural Habitat

  1. Understanding the types of habitats and identifying the ones that fit your property.
    1. Shoreline
    2. Marsh
    3. Meadow
    4. Forest
    5. Prairie
    6. Desert
    7. Swamp
  2. Become familiar with all the components of a natural habitat.
    1. Structural
      1. Feeders
      2. Water
      3. Dust beds & grit
      4. Salt
      5. Cut banks, cliffs & caves
      6. Brush & rock piles
      7. Snags
      8. Nest boxes
    2. Plant
      1. Conifers
      2. Grasses & legumes
      3. Butterfly, bee & moth plants
      4. Hummingbird plants
      5. Summer plants
      6. Fall plants
      7. Winter plants
      8. Nuts & acorn trees
  3. Identify which wildlife is found in your region.
  4. Choosing the proper plants for your habitat.
    1. Hardiness
    2. Natives vs Introduced
    3. Invaisive Plants
      1. By Roots
      2. By Seeds
  5. The need for water in a nature habitat.

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