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Habitat Types

The type of habitat will determine the type of wildlife that will be attracted to it.  Woodpeckers, for example are not attracted to fields & meadows, they will seek out woodlands and forest for Snags to nest in.

Woodland or Forest - This type generally consists of mature trees with very little or no open areas.  Cut Banks, Cliffs and Caves are usually found in this habitat type.  This type of habitat will draw woodpeckers, hawks, thrushes, chickadees, titmouse, fox, racoons and deer to name a few.

Fields &  Meadows - These areas consist of various perennial and annual plants, hedgerows and brambles.  Field & meadows attract all kinds of butterflies, moths, bees, insects, bluebirds, sparrows, meadowlarks, quail, pheasants, etc.....

Farm - If under cultivation it will consist of crops and pasture land.  Usually will have hedgerows and rock walls.  If not under cultivation, it usually will fall into the Fields & Meadows category.  Similar to fields and meadows.

Marsh - A marsh may be wide open will no trees or shrubs or it may be found in a woodland setting.  It is a wet location that remains wet even during the dry season.  This type will attract blackbirds, catbirds, cardinals, wren, woodcock, wood duck, heron, etc.....

Coastal - Are areas found along coastlines.  These areas consist of grasses and scub trees.  Coastal will have all types of shorebirds, blackbirds, ducks, geese, etc....

Some properties have more than one type.  The more types found on your property, the more choices you will have in developing your Habitat Plan.

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