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Conservation Credits FAQ

What are Conservation Credits?
Conservation Credits are a record of your commitment to maintaining and improving the environment. Each Conservation Credit issued by The Registry of Nature Habitats represents funds that are used to save and improve land through sound management techniques. A Conservation Credit is used to promote, manage & restore nature habitats.

What is a Carbon Credit?
We offer carbon credits for reducing carbon emissions through installing and using renewable energy and implementing conservation practices.

Why do we need Conservation Credits?
Conservation should start in our homes and expand into the larger picture by active participation in the preservation of our precious natural resources. Your investment in Conservation Credits will promote and implement projects that achieve these goals.

How is the money used?
  • Payments to Landowners & Farmers -
  • Direct investment by The Registry of Nature Habitats -
  • Educational Seminars -
  • Donations to non-profit organizations -
  • Website & Management -
How are the credits backed-up?
All our Conservation Certificates are back-up by contracts with landowners & farmers. Farmers and landowners sign legal agreements with The Registry of Nature Habitats which details the land management practices they must follow as participants of the Conservation Credit program.

How do I benefit from investing in Conservation Credits?
Everyone benefits from your investment in Conservation Credits. Nature Habitats are preserved, restored and maintained providing homes and food for the animals, birds and insects that contribute to the overall health of the environment.

How can I invest in Conservation Credits?
You can select one of the many credit programs we offer or purchase a Conservation Credit which encompasses all of the credits we offer. Each program can be purchased for one year to twenty years. We also offer monthly investment programs.

What do I receive for investing into Conservation Credits?
  • A certificate which can be framed and displayed to show your support for the planet.
  • A copy of the The Registry of Nature Habitats Interactive CD
  • Discounts on merchandise and services provided by our partners
Can I purchase them as gifts?
Conservation Credits may be purchased as gifts for birthdays, holidays or thank-you's.

Can my business purchase Conservation Credits?
Your business can purchase Conservation Credits through our special corporate plans. When your business purchases credits, you will have the right to use our logo on billing statements or other promotional and advertising literature showing your participation in the Conservation Credit program.

I have a large piece of land. Can I get this property into one of your programs?
A property must be Admitted to The Registry of Nature Habitats before it can receive any funds from our Conservation Certificates. Fill out our application. When your land is accepted, you may enroll in our Conservation Credit program.

I have a small property that has been admitted to the registry. Can I join the Conservation Credit program?
In most instances, no. The program is designed to save large tracks of land that may be used for things that damage the environment, such as housing development, clear-cut logging, aggregate mining. The program is also designed to create and/or maintain ponds, fields and forest. These are not found on small parcels.

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Carbon Certificates

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The Registry of Nature Habitats
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