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Install Solar

Geo-Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic power systems allow you to harness the sun's energy for many purposes. These systems are a very reliable and clean source of electricity that can suit a wide range of applications.

Residences, Agriculture Recreational vehicles, boats and expeditions can also benefit from the clean and quiet operation of portable photovoltaic systems to recharge batteries.  Agriculture-PV systems are used effectively worldwide to pump water for livestock, plants or humans.  Since the need for water is greatest on hot sunny days, photovoltaic energy is a perfect fit for pumping applications.  Photovoltaic is also used to power remote electric fences on farms.

PV for Other Applications:
PV Systems can be adapted to suit any requirement, small or large. For instance, Photovoltaic cells are used in calculators and watches. As well, telecommunications equipment, highway construction signs, parking lights and navigational warning signals are excellent applications for photovoltaic energy.

Benefits of photovoltaic solar energy include:

  • Safe from air pollution: Some greenhouse gasses and other air pollutants come from the generation of electricity using   fossil fuels. A photovoltaic   system reduces the amount of electricity that needs to be generated using conventional   generation sources, which in turn, reduces overall   electricity generation emissions.
  • Does not make noise: photovoltaic systems have no moving parts and produce electricity silently.
  • Other pollution: PV systems do not produce hazardous waste byproducts. By supplementing the existing electricity   generating infrastructure, PV   systems help mitigate the need to build new power plants.
  • Highly reliable
  • Require virtually no maintenance;
  • Operate cost-effectively in remote areas and for many residential and commercial applications;
  • Flexible and can be expanded at any time to meet your electrical needs; and
  • Give you increased autonomy - independence from the grid or backup during outages.

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