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The Process

 Step One

We first admit a farm or large track of land into the Registry.  A property is admitted when the owners prove that the property contains 12 out of 16 components of a natural habitat

Step Two

The farmer or landowner is then given the option to place either part of or the entire property into the Conservation Credit Program.  The propert will have one or more of the following: Forest, Grassland and/or Wetland.

Step Three

Once the farmer or landowner joins the Conservation Credt Program they must sign an agreement to abide by certain regulations and restrictions.

Step Four

Consumers & businesses like yourself, invests into the Conservation Credit Program by investing into the all encompassing Conservation Credits, which contains all of the credits or invest into specific credits such as: Woodland Credits, Wetland Credits, Meadow Seeding Credits, Puddle Pond Credits, Tree Planting Credits, Bluebird Trail Credits, Carbon Credits, & Fish Stocking Credits.  When investing into specific credits, the money is used to support that credit's mission only.  Money invested into conservation credits is used to support all credit types. 

Step Five

Money invested into credits is used to support The Registry of Nature Habitat's Mission which includes: 
  • Paying landowners & farmers according to the Conservation Credit contact they entered into with The Registry of Nature Habitats.
  • Donations made to non-profit organizations working in the nature habitat and environmental area.
  • Supporting projects with landowners & farmers who are not currently admitted into the registry but are working towards admittance.
  • Provide education to the public in the form of: literature, seminars, conferences and this website.
Step Six

The consumers & businesses who invest into Conservation Credits receive a framable certificate listing the property that their money was invested into.  They also receive discounts on goods and services provided by our partners.

Carbon Certificates

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    The Registry of Nature Habitats
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