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Woodland Planting Credits

The Condition and Isolation of Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands

Most ancient woodlands in the county survive as isolated fragments. The physical and genetic isolation of woodland plants and animals has led to a decline in biodiversity and the ability of species to cope with forces such as climate change. This has been compounded by changes in the agricultural landscapes around woodlands - particularly the decline in hedgerows and the improvement of grasslands - which have further reduced biodiversity and opportunities for migration. Many ancient woodlands have been heavily modified by the planting of exotic or commercial species including a number that were clear felled and replanted in the 20th century - these woodlands often contain relics of the flora and fauna of ancient woodland.

  • To encourage the protection of ancient semi-natural woodlands - and particularly through the adoption of policies in Development Plans which protect woodlands from the impacts of development.
  • To encourage the conservation and enhancement of semi-natural woodlands through appropriate management.
  • To encourage the restoration of damaged or replanted ancient woodlands by selective felling and restocking - either by natural regeneration or planting native species of local origins.
  • To encourage the establishment of new native woodlands to extend, and improve links between, isolated woods.
  • To encourage the re-establishment or positive management of linear features like hedgerows connecting existing or new woodlands.
  • To promote a 'whole landscape' approach to the management and creation of native woods.

Conserving and Managing Existing Woodlands

Some woodlands, and particularly smaller broadleaved woodlands, receive little active management. Traditional management techniques like coppicing have generally been abandoned for some time. Where woods are grazed - particularly a problem with upland gill woods - there is little natural regeneration and the woodlands are in decline in their physical extent and their landscape and wildlife value.

  • To encourage the protection and conservation of the county's woodlands.
  • To encourage the appropriate management of woodlands to maximise their environmental value and ensure their long term viability and productivity. In particular:
      • To promote understanding of the management requirements of the varied woodland types within the county.
      • To promote the adoption of woodland management plans and encourage greater participation in woodland grant aid schemes.
      • To adopt the Forestry Stewardship Council standard for the management of the Council's woodlands and promote its wider adoption.
      • To support woodland management initiatives such as the Northwoods project.
  • To encourage and promote greater involvement of local communities in the management, planting and care of woodlands and trees in their neighbourhoods.
How Woodland Planting Credits Are Used

When you purchase a Meadow Planting Credit, you are investing into your and your children's future. The money is used to assist farmers and landowners to plan, restore and impliment a Meadow Planting project. The benefits are numerous and the return on investment is priceless.

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The Registry of Nature Habitats
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