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The Registry of Nature Habitats
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Worldwide growth of human populations is placing unprecedented demands and stresses on the world's finite natural resources. Satisfying increasing human needs for energy, food, fibers, minerals, and wood products potentially could exacerbate the destruction of wildlife habitat and aesthetic resources. If these natural resources are to be given adequate consideration in the context of human needs, a sound program of conservation education is of paramount importance.
The educational process must contain four key elements if it is to be effective in enabling people to cope with resource problems.
  • An understanding of natural resources, their properties and interaction with the environment.
  • Provide alternatives to the current destructive practices we use.
  • An understanding of the political, social and economic behaviors and processes that effect the environment.
  • To create action on the part of individuals and businesses to change to a more environmental friendly lifestyle.
We believe that education is the fundamental component, often missing link, to conserving biological diversity and protecting ecological integrity. Over time, the most lasting imprint will be made because people believe in the need to leave a legacy that includes healthy wildlife populations, functioning ecosystems, vibrant economies based on resource management, and a place to go to enjoy the outdoors.

We provide eduction through:
  • Website
  • Seminars
  • On site tours
  • Literature & Publications
  • One on One interaction with landowners & farmers
  • Working with other educational & environment sensitive groups

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The Registry of Nature Habitats
PO Box 321
Meridale, NY 13806
Copyright 1999 - All Rights Reserved

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